T'ona M. Sotomayor

Perinatal Specialist & Community Health Worker

Peace. My name is T’ona, like the Disney princess, but most folx call me Tee. I exude magic as a wife, mother, full spectrum doula/montrice, placenta specialist, community health worker, and breastfeeding counselor. 

I had always been a proponent for women’s health, even before I was formally called to do so. Memories of simulating birth, breastfeeding my dolls, and silently obsessing over the show, A Baby Story, on TLC, constantly flood my mind. I soon realized that much like the Disney princess I share a name with, most girls my age were planning their fairy-tale weddings—I daydreamed about becoming a mother. When I became an aunt, I remember feeling elated that I had a real baby to help nurture, while still supporting my sister through her postpartum period. After having my own daughter in 2011, and exclusively breastfeeding for a year and a half, I found inexplicable joy utilizing evidence-based care and personal experience to change the way my family and friends viewed birth and breastfeeding. Most recently, I truly hit my stride after becoming a doula. Reproductive justice has been the foundation of who I am, all that I do, and who I am becoming. 

What brings you joy?

Besides birth work, I find joy in nature, practicing yoga & meditation, spirituality, reading, dancing and escaping through music. My King and young Queen bring me joy, and spaces to be me; unapologetic and melanated, bring me joy.