monitrice support

Unlike a doula, whose scope of practice generally prevents one from providing any clinical services, a montrice will perform limited clinical assessments such as monitoring fetal heart tones, urinalysis, blood pressure, glucose & iron testing, and cervical dilation. 
*I do not take the place of your OB or Midwife!

holistic vision


Meet with me, Tee, to find out whether we vibe & my services are right for you & your family.

30 minutes

ask tee


Have a list of questions and concerns that you want answered right away? Do you need reassurance, tips, and tricks to help you succeed with breastfeeding?

birth support 


I am on call for your labor at the start of 35 weeks gestation. Once labor begins, I will arrive to your home or birthing location, where I will remain until you give birth. I will stay for up to one hour postpartum. Follow up visits will take place within three weeks post delivery. 

This service includes three prenatal appointments, full birth support, and one to two postpartum visits. 

postpartum support


Postpartum is a quest back to yourself, but you do not have to find your way back alone. My role as your postpartum doula depends on the particular needs of the family. Whether it is daytime support to help transition through the newborn period, or overnight support to help navigate the demands of new sleep routines, I got you! Healing is not linear. 

This service must be booked for a minimum of four hours. 

*Overnight fees apply

placenta encapsulation


The placenta is your body's temporary organ that delivers nutrients and oxygen to the baby during pregnancy, and it also removes waste for the baby. 

The placenta is dehydrated and put into little capsules- which we call encapsulation. 

This service includes: placenta pickup, print, capsules w/ recommended dosage, umbilical cord keepsake, tincture, and delivery. 

community doula program


I am a part of a non-profit, Community Doula Program, at Woman's Choice Charity Association, primarily serving underprivileged women and children in Waterbury, CT.

digital doula

birth & postpartum

Virtual packages available via Zoom, Google Meet, and FaceTime. Inquire for more info.

bundles & discounts, oh my.

Interested in more than one service? Ask me how you can save on two services or more.